OneFest is all about giving learning disabled and autistic people opportunities to find self-expression and enjoyment through the arts.

We know that many learning disabled and autistic people face barriers to getting their voice heard, properly participating in many things and being able to attend events, so each year we create outreach opportunities for people to get involved.

So don’t worry… we’re coming for you! 

OneFest 2023 offers seven exciting opportunities to be involved with the festival and to be part of the magic.

Stand-up Comedy Training

Comedy is an important part of OneFest, and each year we not only bring high profile comedians to keep you giggling, but we recruit one of those comedians to share their wisdom and expertise with a group of learning disabled and autistic people who aspire to find their funny bones.

This year our trainee stand-ups will be mentored by super fantastic comedian, author, actress, playwright and speaker, Francesca Martinez.
Francesca will coach our trainees to prepare a routine that they will present through a five minute stand-up set at our Comedy Showcase on Tuesday 18th July.

Francesca will be MCing between the sets for this event, and then, as the headliner, dazzle us with her multi-award winning stand-up. Laughter comes no better than this, so get ready to hear some of the freshest and funniest new gags that challenge disability stereotypes and give us her unique ‘wobbly’ look at life.

But there’s more…

Emerging Comedian Talent Development.

Thanks to funding from Mansfield Building Society we will be taking two of our trainees and supporting them with on-going development time with comedy agency specialists Ingenious Fools, who will mentor them to understand and explore the ropes around the comedy circuit and support them to get work towards their first booked gig.

Video Gaming Tournament

We have collaborated with Portland College students to design our first ever Video Gaming Tournament.
The students have been supported, over a period of eight weeks by Nonsuch Studios’ Get Set project, in all aspects of putting on an event, from designing what will happen, to doing a budget, advertising and marketing, and finally running the event when it happens. 
This experience will ensure that there are no Noobs with this event!

Drag Bingo

Drag Divas, Liv and Kenya take their Riotous Drag Bingo experience to customers at Mansfield Day Service and citizens at Portland College.

This event will definitely see people experiencing a full house!

Theatre Workshop

Meander Theatre, a Nottingham-based company, will be running a half-day workshop with learning disabled and autistic students at Portland Training College.

The workshop is based on a show created by Meander that follows the lives of three learning disabled and autistic women as they navigate their friendship through a sticky patch.

Led by some of the disabled cast and crew of the play, the workshop will use the themes of the show (making, breaking, and keeping friendships) to explore emotions through drama, movement, and discussion.

Rockstar Crash Course

We know that there are many talented learning disabled and autistic people who would love to have been rock stars, but never had the chance to follow this dream… until now.

On the day of OneFest’s gig night we have the headliners work collaboratively with ‘would be’ musicians on guest slots for the show.

This year our crash course gives four learning disabled and autistic people a star-studded day of music creation with rock band Tigercub, fresh back from headline tour of the USA, and beat boxer THePETEBOX.

The four Crashcoursers will have been working on agreed tracks prior to this event and will use the day to channel their inner rock stars, learn performance techniques and become performance ready for the evening’s gig night where they will perform with the professional artists.

Community Champions

OneFest has been working across the year with a varied group of community members to help us curate a festival that is what people want and how they want to experience it.
These voices have provided an invaluable, rich source of information that is vital to event success.
If you, or anyone you know, would like to be a Community Champion for OneFest 2024 then please get in touch.

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