Here we go again… and even better!

In June 2022 we mark the second year that OneFest has been supported by Arts Council England to bring you culture, comedy and creativity.

OneFest is a week-long arts and culture festival held across Mansfield and Ashfield that has the primary aim of smashing the stigma and segregation learning disabled and autistic people face on a societal level. 

In general, learning disabled and autistic people are at best infantilised and at worst ostracised, so we seek to counter this by setting Mansfield and Ashfield alight for a week of culture, partying and a carnival of neurodiverse creative expression.

OneFest gives the learning disabled and autistic the chance to be out, loud and proud and the rest of the community surprise themselves by getting alongside those guys and enjoying it… come on, keep up neurotypicals!

The OneFest line-up for 2022 is rich with high profile professional artists, comedians and creatives, who will bring a variety of entertainment and inspiration, and our accessible community workshops invite you to explore new and spellbinding experiences.

OneFest kicks off as usual with the ever popular OneWalk; an accessible march that gives voice and visibility to learning disabled and autistic people, providing an opportunity for everyone to join in and march alongside and in solidarity with their community members.

Have a peek at our programme and dive into a whole new world of inclusive culture and creativity.

We invite you to join us, it’s beautiful here!

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