2021 marks the inaugural OneFest event.

OneFest is a brand new festival held in Mansfield Nottinghamshire.

OneFest aims to give agency, place and space to learning disabled and autistic people. But we are not just here to promote one element of society. We aim to demonstrate that by being together as a community and working as a collective we can connect, build and make a better world.

OneFest is a collaboration between OneConversation and Ingenious Fools, and across the seven day festival we will be bringing you high profile comedians such as Lost Voice Guy and the electrifyingly excellent band Back Chat Brass. We will host accessible community workshop experiences, relaxed theatre performances, open mic nights, live music, change the world debates and a whole lot more, that will entertain, inspire, question, and most importantly make you feel oh so good about yourself and the people you share the world with.

OneFest kicks off with the ever popular OneWalk, which is an accessible march that gives voice and visibility to learning disabled and autistic people, providing an opportunity for everyone to join with and march alongside and in solidarity with their community members.

In 2019 we saw over 900 marchers… let’s come together this year and show how we all stand together!

So, fancy having some fun and changing the world a little bit? We invite you to join us, it’s beautiful here!

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